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Environmental Health Check

Impacts from the built environment account for 40% of the total carbon emissions of the UK alone.

Your workplace contributes to this.

If you are moved by the dramatic climate change and environmental impacts on our planet, and incentivised to do something, you can and we can help you figure out how. The 3 solutions below offer clarity & speed of action to many of you who are unsure how to respond and adapt your business life to the global climate needs.

Which solution is right for you? 

Our Solutions

For workplace size:   up to 10 people
Fee:                                £1,000 plus VAT

A one-day review of your operation in relation to your space

  • Air quality issues
  • Thermal comfort
  • Recycling and purchasing practices

You will receive: a list of actions on one page that you can act upon with your team immediately to reduce your environmental impact.

For workplace size:   11-30 people
Fee:                                £2,900 plus VAT

A 3 day comprehensive review of your space’s operation, performance and design against environmental impacts, including:

  • Constructive conversations with internal teams on how they use the space, and with your suppliers to improve purchasing practices
  • Review of your energy and water consumption data, generated waste and recycling systems, or help set all these up

You will receive: Generating awareness within your team and solutions for immediate action to reduce your environmental impact from the use of your workplace.

For workplace size:   31-100 people
Fee:                                £9,000 plus VAT

A thorough review of the environmental performance of your workplace that spans 10 days. This will include

  • Occupier behaviour analysis
  • Discussions with suppliers of your space management and operation needs (from A/C system specification to toilet paper)
  • Consumption of all kinds in operation, travel to and from the workplace, and activities related to your business product or service

You will receive:

  • We will identify all the environmental impacts, measure as much as is available and provide solutions for you to act on immediately or plan strategically for longer term implementation
  • We will benchmark your space in use against the SKA rating criteria
  • We will hold 2 workshops with your team to share the insights and support the change behaviours that will be needed to immediately reduce your workplace’s environmental impact