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How sustainable is your Christmas tree?

Have you ever wondered how sustainable your Christmas tree choice is? We were wondering this very

Wellbeing & hybrid working at Grigoriou Interiors

We are preparing to issue our first annual company report early next year (2023), and as per our

Designing for lower carbon

“Design is a force for change” (Ellen MacArthur, 2022) [Se1]  We certainly believe in this

Leather, variations of it, and sustainable choices

At some point in everyone’s life, it is highly likely that one might own some object made with a

Circularity Glossary

The circular economy requires a systemic change, a process of thinking through the

What is a LCA?

A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a standardised framework that governs how we measure the

The Best Places to Find EPDs

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) reports objective, comparable and third-party verified


Harmony is an important consideration in the design of an interior. The way in which the elements

What is Beauty?

Beauty is an experience, it is not the property of an object. We may find beauty anywhere. We can

Net Zero Carbon Glossary

Net Zero Whole Life Carbon The sum total of all asset (building/interior) related GHG