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Net Zero

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How does circularity support net zero?

To gain a broader understanding of the important role that Circular Economy and Circular Design

How sustainable is your Christmas tree?

Have you ever wondered how sustainable your Christmas tree choice is? We were wondering this very

Designing for lower carbon

“Design is a force for change” (Ellen MacArthur, 2022) [Se1]  We certainly believe in this

Circularity Glossary

The circular economy requires a systemic change, a process of thinking through the

Net Zero Carbon Glossary

Net Zero Whole Life Carbon The sum total of all asset (building/interior) related GHG

Circularity: Circular Economy & Circular Design

If you are ready to take action today to reduce your carbon emissions and broader environmental

Net Zero Carbon Targets

Diagram referenced from LETI reports If you already know what is at stake with the global

What is an EPD?

If you are looking to learn more about Net Zero, a great place to start is understanding EPDs and